Cosmic Network Lobby
Welcome to out Wiki page. You can find info, tutorials, and much more here for the minecraft server.


The lobby is our main server, where which you first teleport to on join (To learn how to join, Click here). You will have some items in your inventory. One of which is a compass; right click on the compass and choose a server that you want to travel to. You can always travel back to the lobby using the command:
/server Lobby

You can also teleport to any server, from any server using the following command to list the server:


Then type

/Server <servername>
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Our first server, and current is called the factions server (for more info on factions, Click here).

Players group up in Factions. You claim land as your own and build your base. Factions is a self serve anti griefing system. Leaders control who can can edit their faction land.


Our second server (coming out very soon) is called Kitpvp server (for more info on kitpvp, Click here). This is a 24/7 pvp (person versus person) based server. Free kits (and donor kits) are available. To get a kit, right click the signs in front of you when you spawn in. Choose a kit and jump down the hole in the middle and start pvping!


The creative server is a 24/7 freebuild plot server. Spawn in, and type the command

/Plotme auto

This will generate a clean, fresh new plot for you to build on. That's it (for more into on creative, Click here).


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To donate to our server, go to and choose your package. Follow the directions and receive your in-game rank in about 5 minutes after purchase. Refunds are NOT allowed. For more info on disputes and refunds please Click here.
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